Pedestrian Path

Developing Innovative Strategies



To create a community action plan that will clearly mark necessary projects, establish a priority schedule as well as pair projects with grant sources for completion. In this our mission is to:

1.) Enhance Safety 

2.) Provide Transportation Equity 

3.) Connect Walking and Bicycling Networks 

4.) Leverage Partnerships 

5.) Improve Public Health 

6.) Increase Economic Mobility 


Susquehanna has created partnerships with Penn State Extension, Delta Engineers and community stakeholders to fully invest in the one-time process of an active transportation plan.  The active transportation plan will provide qualified identification of shortfalls and solutions that will increase population health and accessibility throughout the community. 

  • Penn State Extension will achieve community input through surveys, interactive mapping, and COVID compliant meetings. Data from this process will be incorporated in the active transportation plan through livable designs and access to safe outdoor activity.  

  • Delta Engineers will work with the Penn State Extension, Susquehanna Borough, community stakeholders and residents to evaluate current and future conditions and design a complete transportation model for the entire community. Through policies on proper construction on ADA sidewalks, bicycle accessibility, pedestrian safety, traffic sign placements that are state compliant, enhanced public transit and design themes that coordinate with our existing structures.  


Susquehanna Borough has shown relative access to food, and medical care, however the community continues to display significantly reduced health ratings within Susquehanna County, the state of Pennsylvania and the United States.  The lack of sidewalks and cycling opportunities, combined with steep terrain and narrow streets presents clear and present challenges to accessing safe infrastructure for walking, cycling, and wheeling. This has been confirmed by WalkWorks with a redaction of a WalkWorks affiliate grant. This action was upon report from PennDot that Susquehanna lacks safe infrastructure for a 1–2-mile walking route within the built environment.  The lack of infrastructure impacts more than health, it impacts the safety of people who are forced into high volume roadways and accessibility to and from everyday destinations. By processing an active transportation plan for the community, we can work together as a community to create and sustain tangible health results and accessibility achievements for all residents